Outdoor activities help children smarter

According to a psychology PhD, Playing and exploring the outside world will help children develop brain much better right from the start with four key aspects: intelligence, motion, emotion and communication.

Many scientific studies have shown that babies often taking part in outdoors will be more intelligent, dynamic have better sharing and living language ability than another or others who have equal standing as in rank, class or age.

Let’s see what great things the outdoor activities will bring to a child:

1.Train the movement ability and intelligence

The fun outdoor activities, outdoor discovery are very appreciate for active by nature and enjoying researching children. Not only including the crude movement like walking and running, games also help children co-ordinate much more between senses of the body. From that point, games will make children form more active movements like climbing, catching a ball, long jump or running beyond an obstacle.



Moreover, children will get far much closer looks, and then their brain will be stimulated continuously to receive information about colors, form of things around. That will train children to have an analytical mind, analyze everything they see and offer solutions to handle the situations by their way.

2. Develop communication skill and emotion

At the age stage from 3 to 5, the brain of children has formed needed links to hear and create all the sounds used by all the languages in the world. Over time, parents can notice a slight change in the ability to distinguish between the languages spoken around children and even sounds unfamiliar to them. In their early years, they will react with all of the spoken language. However, as they enter the preschool years, they just only respond to what they understand and will ignore or show themselves confused by all strange sounds and language. Therefore, it is very important to have something leading the children to open their mind and show more emotion in the modern environment. Playing games may be a simple but essential way to take all these things real.

When participating in team games, children are given an opportunity to communicate with friends and other people around. A child can understand the rules of the game under the guidance of his/ her teacher, as well as know how to cheer his/her teammates to win. That is one of the great manifestations of communication skill.



Besides, children will express her joy and sadness over the outcome of the game as his/her team wins or just a little more slowly than the opposing team. Then, they will gradually develop their feelings and know how to express those feelings.

3. Orient aesthetic thinking

Kids at kindergarten ages have a very high-faluting and fertile imagination. Kid shows herself/ himself very observant with the changes and the impact of the environment, especially when the surroundings are colorful and have lots of pretty toys and vivid image.

The opportunities to interact with diverse outside environment help kid to discover his/her artistic talent and aesthetic ability. Children having an aptitude for paintings will be interested in redrawing surrounding things, while others who have a good language skill will know how to describe these things.

A mother say she believes that allowing a child to contact and take part in the outdoor activities has a huge impact and plays an important role in the process of the baby’s brain development. Apart from fun time spending with the family, she hope that school will be a place facilitating children to have more opportunities to experience and learn more about the new outside environment.

The outdoor activities in pre-schools are some chances for children to contact and experience with a lot of things around. And a mother, as a partner in the journey of baby’s discovery, always remembers to provide your child with continuous and considerable nutrient for brain.

4. Benefits of playing without interruption

Playing comfortably and without interruption will help children learn more things and absorb more quickly, thereby developing children’s thinking better. With this condition, children may become more intelligent and creative with the games. In addition, having fun without any interruption will eliminate all reasons causing a child’ irritability by nature and help them explore the world freely and satisfy themselves by the curiosity to find out all the answers for all matters.

This also helps the baby gradually form the optimistic by nature, and then can make a child face with all different problems in life in the future.

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