Top 10 games and toys are best for preschool children

Help your baby smart, creative and be far away from unhealthy video games by some interesting traditional games.

Children develop the intelligence and creativity through a variety of daily fun activities. Right from the age children haven’t gone to school yet, parents can also help them develop their mentality by the following games:

1. Folding Origami paper

Origami has been known as the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects. This game helps children develop creativity and fast learning by themselves. Parents should guide their child how to fold paper into animals, flowers, leaves and other different shapes using colored papers, then children will imitate all the steps parents have just modeled.


2. Draw colored by hand

This is an innovative game that surely brings pleasure to the children, but it will make parents so tired. However, think more about the benefits of this game for a child, parents will have no reservation in letting their child playing with color in spite of the dirty face and clothes.

3. Decorating with colored cardboard

Any children are also interested in color. If parents do not want to let children play with the wet and dirty water color, put colored papers, glue, crayon, scissors, … and let kids show their creative ability themselves.

4. Packing gift box

Packing gift box is also an interesting idea for all parents to play with their baby and help them develop artistic abilities. Something parents should do is suggesting the child carrying out an idea or monitoring him/her performing his/her own ideas. And the most important things that parents should remember to do is that praising the children for what they have done in order to encourage them more passionately creative.


5. Salvaging waste for new toys.

For all things like food cans, toilet rolls, beverage cups and bottles used, parents can hold them to make toys for their children. There are plenty of ideas for each pair of parents to challenge their children to do. For example, cans, cardboard boxes, paper cups can be turned into pigs, camera or a cartoon character under the flexible hands of children.

6. Drawing and cut shapes

Just still remaining the same ideas relating to color papers, Parents can help child to develop the creativity and intelligence through games of drawing and cutting shapes by scissors. Children will show the ingenuity through the brushwork they drawing or the line of paper they cut.


7. Stringing the beads

This is an incredibly fun game for children, especially for girls. However, parents should remember to choose the high quality products to ensure the safety of children’s health as playing. At the same time, do not forget to monitor and keep track of children when they playing with beads, preventing cases of nearly strangled because of swallowing any beads.

8. Knitting string by hand

Knitting string by hand has been known as a familiar game of stimulating the intelligence for young children in previous century. However, modern children seem not to know how to play this game because of the presence of too many online games on smartphones and tablets.

9. Model figures out of clay

Like other kind of games with many different colors, model figures out of clay help children develop artistic skills and creative abilities before going to school. Namely, molded clay will help children train skillful hand, develop imagination and stimulate the development in their intelligence. Therefore, there is no reason for any mother to refuse to buy for her children a clay box and play with them. Then, there are also lots of animals, flowers, leaves, and other objects shapes that any mother can help her child show the creativeness by means of colored clay. Each child will be very fond of showing off his/her products from clay with plenty of funny shapes to his/her parents.

10. Stamp paintings from vegetables and fruit

Have any parents ever given their child to try playing this game yet? This game is very simple, but no less interesting. What parents need to prepare are vegetables, fruit with lots of different shapes to make the stamp paintings of children become livelier. The works children have to do is using suitable vegetables or fruit and then cut them into any shapes they enjoy most. Pattern of cardboard boxes and some poster paint are some essential materials for children to create somethings special. Maybe some baby will show the creativity much better than the imagination of their parents.

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