Lots of benefits for children from outdoor activities

Instead of keeping the child at home with no end of games, comics or watching television,…parents should let their children take part in more outdoor activities, including outdoor activities program at home. That is the way to help them get the agility and liveliness.

Consequence when children are isolated from outdoor activities

Many scientists have demonstrated that with the lack of playing space, children will lose the flexibility in a serious way and the development of language will be not favorable. Therefore, they will show themselves so timid and find it difficult to get along with people around very well, and then they will have difficulty in adapting to life later.

Along with the lack of playing outdoor activities, children have hardly felt happy, joyful in their way of life. That makes them become peevish and plunged in melancholy more often.


Benefits when children participate in outdoors

1. Help children relieve stress

Lots of things including curricular classes, extra courses after school, learning to play musical instrument, drawing, martial arts along with a lot of homework make children feel exhausted. A healthy condition with stressed, worried too much will adversely affect both the mental and physical health of children. At this time, outdoor activities will help child’s mind relaxed, refreshed and easier to acquire knowledge and do homework better after a long time busy herself/himself with the heap of books.

Sometimes just walking around the house is well enough to help your child exercise, breathe the fresh air, relieve stress and see all things around, all matters in a new prospect.

2. Healthier and more vivacious

When participating in some activities regularly and having the coordination with a full of nutrition diet, children will develop into a maximum physical and their body will have nine lives. Taking part in some outdoor activities such as basketball, football, table tennis, cycling, walking, camping, chasing and other outdoor activities, children will get an opportunity to exercise, frolic. And then, they will have time and chance to control the body weight, reduce the risk of development of type 2 diabetes, sleep better,  be healthier and more flexible

3. Reduction of myopia

The children who often play outdoor activities and limit TV viewing will be less likely to suffer from myopia. Some Australian researchers conducted a study about the impact of life environment on children’s eyesight. The result showed that the lowest myopic rate was at the group having the most outdoor activities rate, regardless of what activities the object had already involved, studying or entertainment.

The researchers also said that the intensity of light in the external environment help children’s eye develop in a healthy way. Normally, light intensity increasing will increase the amount of dopamine releasing from the retina, thereby reducing agents inhibiting the growth of eye. This mechanism provides a reliable basis to explain extracurricular activities may help to prevent the risk of myopia.


4. Children can receive Vitamin D easily

When exercising and participating in active outdoor games regularly at appropriate time, children can provide their body a chance to synthesize itself Vitamin D (Vitamin D is synthesized from the lower 7-Dehydrocholesteron in the skin under the effects of UV radiation in sunlight, which will change into Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)). Vitamin D has already contributed to help children’s bones grow. At the growing age stage, vitamin D can help children’s bones absorb more calcium, which will help bone-creating cells build a bone stage denser, firmer, more supple and reduce the effect of the osteoporosis at the age of 30 or older. Children will grow up maximum in both their height and weight to become brawny and well built.

5. Easier to integrate and adapt to new environment

The children’s outdoor activities are not necessarily sports.  Parents can encourage their children to participate in volunteer activities, camping or dancing. It will be very great when parents let children join many activities with other active kids. They will be exposed to new friends, talking and playing together. Children may be more flexible, less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety, and can get a good language development, be more integrated.

Children should be allowed to develop in a natural environment, contact more with the world around to develop in many-sided and learn how to adapt to every different circumstance. Then they can form themselves the independent consciousness, collective consciousness in order to develop comprehensively and sustainably.

6. Children are themselves learning and discovery

Many beautiful clothes, beautiful toys, many modern recreational facilities still can not replace the need for playing outdoors freely of children.

With children, everything happening in this world is all new, vibrant, attractive and always stimulates curiosity. When children play and have fun in nature, essentially they explore, learn and have the best condition to develop their positive emotions.

Many scientific researches have proven that nothing can make children feel more comfortable, confident and happier than when they have a chance to touch everything around and discover matters by their senses and feelings.


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